F2B™ High Performance
Flex-to-Board Interconnect


The PariPoser® contact system is the only particle based conductive film that is qualified and proven for long term use in communication, computer, instrumentation and other demanding applications.

The Flex–to-Board (F2B™) interconnect system is based on the proven PariPoser conductive film coupled with a unique spring clamp design** that  assures  a uniform, compressive load is applied to each contact. The design allows ease of assembly and disassembly requiring no soldering or adhesives.  Alignment and retention are provided by a pair of  small posts that are outside of the I/O area. Several different attachment methods are available to facilitate the use of this exceptionally low cost  solution.

** patent pending

PariPoser® Conductive Film, Connection Technology in a Connected World

Specifications and Features

* Very low profile (<1 mm added to flex thickness)
* Low Contact resistance (< 30 milliohms)
* Insertion loss (<0.3db at 40 GHz)
* Fine pitch capability (<0.4mm)
* High reliability
* Easy replacement
* Low cost
* Mounts on edge or surface of PCB