Hi-Speed Sockets

The PariPoser® contact system is the only particle based elastomer that is qualified and proven for long term use in communication, computer, instrumentation and other demanding applications.

The PariPoser® Socket for MicroPOD optical transmitters/receivers is a low profile surface-mount assembly that provides high performance interconnection while integrating heat transfer and providing environmental protection for the optical interface.

The PariPoser® Socket has been qualified in accordance to the requirement of Telcordia Document GR-468-CORE under the supervision of Avago Technologies FOPD.

PariPoser® Conductive Film, Connection Technology in a Connected World

  * Low Profile Surface Mount Assembly (8.7mm)
  * High Performance Interconnect
  * Integrating Heat Transfer & providing Environmental isolation
  * Low Resistance (<20 milliohms)
  * High Bandwidth (>70GHz)
  * Low RF Loss (<0.3db @ 40GHz)
  * Low Signal Delay  (<2 picoseconds at 30 picoseconds rise time)
  * Solderless Compression Mount