Production Sockets

The PariPoser® contact system is the only particle based elastomer that is qualified and proven for long term use in communication, computer, instrumentation and other demanding applications.

The socket shown above is an example of our  F10  solderless, application sockets which are designed to provide exceptional performance at very low cost.  The socket shown for a 4x6.5 mm device has the best RF performance of any known socket, with less than 0.3 db insertion loss at 40 GHz. It also has the smallest footprint of any socket in the industry. F10 sockets are available for LGA, BGA and QFN devices.

PariPoser® Conductive Film, Connection Technology in a Connected World

  * Insertion Loss— 0.3db at 40 GHz
  * DC Resistance— Milliohms per contact
  * Operating Temperature Range— -50°C to 125°C
  * Meets Telcordia GR-468-CORE,  ASTM E-595 outgassing among others
  * Device Sizes—4x4 mm to 50x50 mm
  * Body—Anodized Aluminum or Engineering Plastic