Paricon Technologies

Paricon Technologies was founded in 1997 by Dr. Roger Weiss - Bell Telephone Laboratory expert in interconnection technology. Stemmed from Bell Telephone Laboratory's advanced development, the company was founded with the intent of developing next generation separable interconnection solutions before they would be needed by the customers.

In this way, Paricon has continuously been an industry leader in interconnection solutions with a growing family of leading edge products that address the advanced needs of the electronic Industry. Among the many firsts introduced by Paricon are:

  • separable interconnection capability at a contact pitch of 100 microns
  • cost effective contactor capability with very low loss at 60 GHz and above
  • patented Space Transformer Technology 6 years before the introduction of 0.4 mm pitch devices
  • life extender interposer capability that makes it possible to extend test board life with any contactor to over 2 million test cycles
  • high performance, impedance matched board to board interconnect for co-axial and flex circuit systems which are electrically invisible up to 40 GHz

At the heart of all Paricon Products is the PariPoser advanced contactor structure that has been demonstrated as being a cost effective means of providing very low loss interconnection at frequencies from DC to well above 60 GHz.  Integration of the PariPoser contactor into applications and test fixturing that well addressed customers’ needs has resulted in the development of a wide range of interconnection products for use in both test and production applications.

Many of the custom solutions have evolved into customizable platforms which provide a cost effective balance between pure custom solutions and off the shelf products. Other solutions have evolved into family products, many of which are now available as standard catalog items.  Although Paricon offers a significant catalog of standard interconnection products, we have focused our core competency on working with our customers to develop unique, ergonomic designs that address their custom needs.

Paricon is a full interconnection solution provider with focus on customer specific designs ranging from components for high performance test systems to production level final product implementation. The markets Paricon serves include Telecom, Computer, Instrumentation, Medical, Automotive, Military and Space.

Our customer base includes many of the top companies in the world. We have the ability to brainstorm, design, develop, provide and support most advanced interconnection needs.