Less than 0.4 db Loss at 40 GHz is Routinely Provided in all Paricon Contactors.
Created by mrizzolo on 6/8/2015 12:30:44 PM

Advanced device and board designs require significant attention to the electrical characteristics of the interconnection structure. The interconnect structure is normally optimized for soldering the device to the board. Testing of the device is done using sockets whose electrical characteristics are poorly matched to the system under test. The socket vendor will provide optimized data that demonstrates that if the device is built to match the socket, the socket will not impede the test of the device. Unfortunately, this adds additional design constraints which could ultimately result in a search for an alternative approach. One of these approaches is to directly press the DUT to the board contacts. This can reduce test yields due to normal flatness variations preventing quality contact.


The PariPoser contact system, due to its unique structure, demonstrates very low inductance and a loss of under 0.4 db at 40 GHz. Numerous independent lab studies have been conducted which validate the performance of the PariPoser contactor. Using these contactors provides performance well matched to the soldered device.



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