At the heart of every Paricon contact system is the  PariPoser® anisotropic conducting polymer. Eighteen  standard materials are available along with several custom formulations. These products allow compliant interconnection between contacts at pitch ranging from 1.27 mm down to 100 micron. The following table summarizes the standard materials.



These materials are the fundamental building blocks used to construct contactors for virtually any high performance application. They can be mounted on alignment frames, and combined with other interposer structures such as crown contacts to optimally address any interconnection need. Paricon has created a 5 level contact system that allows far more flexability than any known spring probe contact structure presently available. This is done while maintaining very low loss at 40 GHz. When combining our PariProbe®contact system with the PariPoser material the shortest spring pin available today (~0.5mm) is the result. Independent studies show that this contact has a loss of less than 1 db at 40 GHz. 

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