How do you build a spring probe that is only 0.5 mm long and has less than 1 db Loss at 40GHz? Although conventional probe manufacturing technology is truly remarkable in its ability to build small parts, the ability to build a cost effective 3 element spring pin that is less than ~1.5 mm in length has yet to happen. Paricon has taken the time tested spring pin contact and combined it with the PariPoser contact material to  create a family of micro miniture spring pin structures that meet most, if not all, of the high frequency socket needs of the electronic industry. We market these products under the name PariProbe contacts. The electrical performance of these contacts is better than any spring contact in its class. Gatewave Northern, a respected RF test laboratory in the socket industry,  has studied both our 1.0 mm contact system and our 0.5 mm PariProbe contact system. Custom PariProbe contactors can be provided for many our socket families. Contact  to discuss your application.