OEM Products 




Most elastomeric based interconnection products develop their electrical conductivity by creating a blend of metal and elastomer that has ~85% metal and 15% elastomer (usually silicone) by volume. Without this high amount of metal fill, usable conductivity could not be achieved. Unfortunately conductive structures containing only 15% elastomer do not have long term mechanical stability. The use of these materials in applications designed for long service life has led to disastrous results - a reality which is well documented by both field failures and experimental analysis. The PariPoser contact system, due to its unique manufacturing process has less than 12% metal and typically over  ~90% silicone. With this advanced structure, the full elastomeric capability of the silicone is preserved while maintaining low interconnection loss for many years. Early test structures installed over a decade ago in Paricon's lab have demonstrated stable, low resistivity for over a decade.

Paricon has developed many OEM interconnect solutions ranging from application sockets to lossless flex to board interconnect. We look forward to working with you to develop and qualify OEM products for your application.